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Did you know that Ernest and Karen’s photos have been chosen to be published in the 2017 Africa Geographic Yearbook?

Eagle Eye Safaris offers small group photo safaris and workshops led by international award-winning photographers Ernest Porter and Karen Blackwood. We specialize in finding and photographing the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, and buffalo), big cats, and beautiful birds in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Rwanda, USA and Peru. Ernest and Karen offer instruction, coaching, and guidance so that you can master your camera in any mode, and improve your photography skills. You want the WOW factor in your photography; we can help you find it!

Not a photographer? Just want to watch animals? Just want to shoot with your iPhone? We have room for you, too, and we welcome you! We are all on safari to watch wildlife, to relax, and to come away with beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime memories, whether in print or in our mind’s eye. We can make our photos available to you if you don’t want to shoot your own.

We can help you plan your entire trip, including travel to the lodge from anywhere in the world. We can usually accommodate solo travelers; ask for details and solo supplement pricing. Be sure to see our Travel Tips page for helpful hints, too.

We also offer daily local tours from Johannesburg, lasting 3-5 hours.  Would you like to see the iconic Black Eagles flying over the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens? Did you know that Ayanda, the new chick, has recently fledged? She’s been learning to fly and will be quite active from through November, when the adults will begin the aggression phases.  There will be a lot of aerial mock “fights,” as they teach her to be a fierce Black Eagle, and the photography will be stunning!

Ernest is a staff photographer for the Black Eagles Project and can help you photograph Makatsa and Thulane, the resident Black Eagle pair, at any time of the year. Ernest can also take you on a mini-safari to the Lion and Rhino Nature Reserve to see African wildlife on the reserve as well as play with lion cubs and pet a cheetah. Our local tours include pick up and drop off service in Johannesburg.

Our prices are set in South African Rand. You may see a fluctuation in price in your currency; this is due to the daily changes in the conversion rate. Please also watch our deadlines for booking, which are usually 4-6 months prior to our photo safaris. You may book up to 24 hours prior to our local tours. Find more info about each safari on its respective page.

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October 2017