Our Safari Schedule

(color-coded trips can be combined, ask about a double-safari booking discount)


28 March – 6 April 2020 10-Day Egypt Tour 2 565 USD
28 May – 1 June 2020 5-Day Big 5 Luxury Safari 34 400 ZAR
1-5 June 2020 5-Day Big 5 Traditional Camp Safari 24 800 ZAR
2-5 July 2020 4-Day Big 5 Luxury Safari 27 000 ZAR
5-7 July 2020 3-Day Big 5 Luxury Safari 19 200 ZAR
27-31 July 2020 5-Day Big 5 Luxury Safari 34 400 ZAR
31 July – 3 August 2020 4-Day Big 5 Luxury Safari 27 000 ZAR
3-5 August 2020 3-Day Big 5 Luxury Safari 19 200 ZAR
5-7 August 2020 3-Day Big 5 Traditional Camp Safari 14 800 ZAR
10-16 August 2020 7-Day Masai Mara / Great Migration Safari 3 800 USD
18-24 August 2020 7-Day Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater Safari 4 800 USD
27 August – 2 September 2020 7-Day Gorilla & Chimpanzee Trek 4 350 USD
7 – 10 October 2020 4-Day Big 5 Luxury Safari 27 000 ZAR
30 October – 3 November 2020 5-Day Big 5 Luxury Safari 34 400 ZAR
Enquire for availability 3-day to 6-day private Kalahari/Kgalagadi Safaris 3 day- 21 000 ZAR

4 day- 30 000 ZAR

5 day- 38 000 ZAR

6 day- 43 750 ZAR

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There are 7 days in a week, and *Someday* isn’t one of them.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to go on an affordable AFRICAN SAFARI!

Is an African Photo Safari on your bucket list, but you’re afraid of the cost? Do you want to be surrounded by a herd of elephants, or watch a leopard on the hunt, or gaze at graceful giraffe browsing the leaves above you on game drives in safari vehicles in the wild African Bush before they are all gone? What about sitting quietly, face-to-face, with endangered Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees in the mountains of Uganda? See the excitement of the Great Migration on the Serengeti or Mara, or black-maned lions and cheetah in the red sands of the Kalahari? Would you like to take breathtaking photos of wild animals, the kind you see in NatGeo, but aren’t sure how to get what’s in your mind to the camera?  If you said yes, select your safari spot and let’s go!

Come with Eagle Eye Safaris on an African Safari and be individually mentored by award-winning, published wildlife photographers Ernest Porter and Karen Blackwood. We personally lead small group safaris on amazing adventures at an affordable price. We specialize in finding and photographing the Big 5, Big Cats, and Beautiful Birds in South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, USA, Japan, and Peru. If it’s on your bucket list, we can take you there.

We will teach you all of our tricks, help you with your settings, suggest composition and framing, tell you what to look for in every situation. Take part in our Lightroom/Photoshop sessions to learn to edit your photos. We are a lot of fun, passionate about wildlife, and we love teaching people how to take terrific pictures while sharing Africa’s greatest treasures. If you want to feel like you’re in the middle of a nature documentary and take home the photos to prove it, you’ll want to come with us! You spent a lot of money on your cameras –have fun with us while you learn how to use it in every mode, because…guess what?  “P” does not actually stand for Professional!!!  Yes, we can help you with Canon, Nikon, Sony, or any other camera you might have.

Here’s a secret…not a photographer? Just want to shoot with your iPhone? Want to simply enjoy watching wildlife? Photo safari vehicles are always in the best spots, with the most active animals, and have the best view because we get close up to wildlife. We have room for you, too, and we welcome you! We are all on safari to watch wildlife, to relax and have fun, and to come away with beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime memories, whether in print or in our mind’s eye.

We base out of beautiful Bush Lodges with a delicate footprint on the environment. You’ll eat like a king with our private chef, sleep like a baby on your premium mattress, and relax by the pool or waterhole with a cocktail with nothing on your mind, while being pampered by local staff and surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Can we help you plan your dream safari and stay in your budget? YES!  Just ask us! You can join a scheduled safari or let us plan a custom-tailored trip, curated on dates that work for you. No other safari company offers one of our special services: we will help you plan your entire trip, including travel to the lodge from anywhere in the world. Karen and Ernest are always available to answer questions whether by email, Skype, WhatsApp, or old-fashioned phone calls–you’ll talk to US, not an assistant or receptionist. We can answer questions about what to pack, how much to tip, what flights to take, what shots you might need, where to stay before & after safari…if we don’t have an answer, we’ll find it. We’ll take the stress out of the unknown so all you have to do is show up and put on your safari hat.

By the way, we also offer local tours if you have a few extra hours in Johannesburg, South Africa. Would you like to see the iconic Black Eagles flying over the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens? Ernest is a staff photographer. He can help you photograph Makatsa and Mahlori, the world-famous resident Black Eagle pair, at any time of the year. If you’ve followed the recent drama, you know that the long-time resident male eagle disappeared early this year, and a new male arrived to take his place–he’s been named Mahlori. We are hoping for a new chick! Our local tours include pick up and drop off service in Johannesburg and Sandton, and we can also take you to the Cradle of Mankind, Rhino & Lion Nature Park, Soweto, and more.

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Like one of our photos? Want it on your wall? Most can be printed on several mediums in a variety of sizes. Please ask about your favorite shot.

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