Eagle Eye Safaris loves photographing wildlife, and to do that, we have to have something left on the planet to see. We are so proud of the work that anti-poaching staff and Rangers do every day. The job is difficult and dangerous. Each of these people signed up because they love wildlife, love being in the bush, and want to leave a better planet for their children–and for you–to enjoy.

Come on safari with us, and when you see a free rhino in the wild, or an elephant with enormous tusks crossing a river, you’ll see the fruits of the labor of these brave soldiers in the war against poaching. All of our photos are of wild, free-roaming animals; check out our gallery pages here and on our Facebook page.

This article and accompanying photo are from SANParks Honorary Rangers’ Facebook page:
The South African National Parks (SANParks) today, 11 November 2016 announced another fruitful week wherein 18 suspected rhino poachers were arrested and 10 firearms recovered in the past seven days during counter poaching operations inside the Kruger National Park (KNP). A further seven suspected rhino poachers were arrested along with the recovery of a further two firearms just outside the KNP in joint SANParks ECI and SAPS operations. The rhino poaching related arrests took place in different sections of the KNP as well as areas just outside the boundary of the park and were a joint effort by the SANParks Rangers and K9 Units including cooperation by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and the South African Police Services (SAPS).

“We are already in the full moon period, with huge numbers of incursions, spoor and many other poaching related activities keeping our anti-poaching teams extremely busy. Poachers beware!!! And we call upon you to weigh the risks of getting caught because you cannot get away with wildlife crime forever; the gap is gradually closing in on you”, warned the Managing Executive of KNP, Glenn Phillips.
Phillips congratulated his members including the SANParks Special Ranger Airborne Response and K9 units who are making a huge difference in their support for the Rangers and all other anti-poaching teams on the ground; bearing the much needed results.

“SANParks remains committed to doing everything in its power to fight the scourge of poaching. We also take this opportunity to encourage members of the public to report wildlife criminal activities on 013 735 0197 or 076 801 9679; ensuring that those who commit these deeds pay for their sins”, concluded Phillips.
This latest success follows closely on the heels of the October month-end poaching successes wherein 14 suspected poachers were arrested during counter poaching operations in the KNP.

Issued by
South African National Parks: Communications & Marketing Department – Kruger National Park.

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