After having to keep a secret for two months, we can finally say CONGRATULATIONS, KAREN! Karen took second runner-up out of over 10,000 entries in the prestigious Nature's Best Photography Africa 2017 contest, in the Mammals of Africa Portraits division with her tender photo, Mom Loves Me Best. Please join us in congratulating Karen and [...]

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Congrats, Ernest and Karen, for being published in the 2017 Africa Geographic Yearbook!

Once again, Ernest and Karen have received honors from Africa Geographic!  Both have had photographs selected for publication in the acclaimed 2017 Africa Geographic Yearbook, which features photographs from the prestigious Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year competition. Ernest's Top 5 photo of a Rock Monitor peeking out of a log is one of the [...]

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Eagle Eye Safaris is featured on Naturegraphy.com!

Naturegraphy.com features the best nature photos in the world. Their Facebook page has a tremendous following, as well.  If you skim through their photos, you'll see a number of Eagle Eye Safaris' photos, taken on recent Big 5 safaris in South Africa. Naturegraphy.com recently featured an article about the inception of Eagle Eye Safaris, and [...]

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2017 Africa Geo Photographer of the Year Top 5 finalist! Congrats, Ernest!

Congratulations, Ernest Porter! Out of thousands of entries, Ernest's amazing, unique photo of a Rock Monitor peeking out of a knothole has been selected for the final round of judging in the 2017 Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year contest. Only 27 photos are finalists this year--and once again, Ernest has been honored to be [...]

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Eagle Eye Safaris featured in Wild Magazine!

Eagle Eye Safaris recently witnessed an epic battle between Tawny Eagles in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Wild Magazine wrote an article about it, using our photos. Click on the link and enjoy the article and photos! http://www.wildcard.co.za/kgalagadi-raptors-battle/?utm_source=Wild+Card+HERO+2016&utm_campaign=9e92999f63-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_04_06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e0ab6eba3f-9e92999f63-56090553

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How to Photograph an Elephant

By Alexa Keefe Photographs by Michael Nichols PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 8, 2017 in National Geographic How to Photograph an Elephant Elephants are social creatures, which makes them fun to photograph. But to make a truly interesting picture, you have to play it cool. A group of elephants at Kenya's Samburu National Reserve. Familial relations of elephants [...]

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Anti-poaching heroes!

Eagle Eye Safaris loves photographing wildlife, and to do that, we have to have something left on the planet to see. We are so proud of the work that anti-poaching staff and Rangers do every day. The job is difficult and dangerous. Each of these people signed up because they love wildlife, love being in [...]

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