Congratulations, Karen!  Our very own Karen Blackwood was a Top 10 Finalist in Kruger Magazine’s Summer Wildlife Photography competition, out of hundreds of entries.  We love to visit Bubbles the Hippo, who always performs with pirouettes, splashes, and water tossing when we visit his pond. It’s one of our favourite places to enjoy Sundowner Cocktails while on Eagle Eye Safaris game drives. We invite you to join one of our 2019 safaris and let Karen and Ernest introduce you to Bubbles.

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We were saddened to hear that China has reversed its position on the use of rhino horn and tiger bones in traditional medicine. This will open the floodgates of poaching. We already lose between 3 and 5 rhino a day, and Black and Southern White wild rhino could be extinct in a few years. We’ve already watched the last Northern White Rhino die earlier this year, rendering that species extinct. Will there be wild rhino for your children or grandchildren to see?  Will there even be rhino for you to see if you wait too long to go on safari? Our prices are affordable, so don’t put it off for too long.  If you want to read about China’s decision and the impact it will have, you can read an article at

If you want to do something, please donate to a conservation group that protects wildlife–be sure that most of your money actually goes to conservation. We like, and, but you should choose an effort that speaks to you. You can also start conversations about conservation, pick up litter when you see it, cut your personal use of plastic, and plan for a safari to support tourism, which creates jobs and creates value for wildlife that would otherwise be seen as competition for food and land.  You can contact your government representatives and insist that they support pressuring China to reverse this decision. You can choose to spend your money on things that do not support the economies of China and Vietnam, the largest consumers of rhino, tiger, elephant, pangolin, and lion body parts in the world.

We hope that, as your year winds down, you are getting out and enjoying the wildlife in your neighborhood.