5-Day Big 5 Traditional Camp Safari (11 July – 15 July 2019)

/, Big 5 Safaris/5-Day Big 5 Traditional Camp Safari (11 July – 15 July 2019)

5-Day Big 5 Traditional Camp Safari (11 July – 15 July 2019)

Start Date: 11-07-2019      

End Date: 15-07-2019      



If you wish to book a single occupancy please contact us at info@eagleeyesafaris.com


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When you think about an Africa Safari, what is in your mind’s eye? Dozens of vehicles jockeying for a glimpse of a sleeping lion while choking on the diesel fumes? Listening to your neighbor’s stereo while you are trying to fall asleep?

 Or do you envision the lilting songs of nightjars, the whooping calls of hyenas, the rumble of elephants lulling you to dreamland? Do you see yourself on an open safari vehicle, spending time in the warm sun with a family of lions without another vehicle in sight? Do you imagine buffalo taking a leisurely mud bath only a few meters from the vehicle?  Can you feel the soft air on your skin, catch the scent of wild flowers delicately perfuming the air?  Do you see the leopard in the tree, the kudu near the bush, the wild dogs pacing through the grass? Can you imagine the zebra snorting as you walk nearby, and the giraffe towering over you to get a better look, while we are on bush walks?

 Eagle Eye Safaris proudly offers an intimate authentic African Safari experience in a traditional bush camp in a remote, undeveloped area of the Greater Kruger. Our elegant, comfortable tents, permanently set on foundations, offer 4-poster beds with premium mattresses and luxury linens. Each 12′ x20′ meru-style tent has a beautifully tiled en-suite bathroom that includes a soaking tub, shower, flushing toilet, custom-made hammered copper sinks.  We will eat scrumptious meals on the covered patio, including dinner by candlelight, then sip a cocktail around the roaring fire.  This is one of the quietest camps in South Africa, where time slows and your mind calms, where nature surrounds you with a gentle touch and soothes your soul.  If you’ve ever longed for an exclusive, elegant, old-style safari with modern conveniences and comforts, yet have limited impact on the environment, this is the one for you. There is no “roughing it” here.

 We have only 3 spots left on this safari, one to share with another woman, and one double occupancy, and yes, you can have separate beds if you prefer. Ernest and Karen will coach your photographic skills and teach you how we get those award winning AfricaGeo and NatGeo shots.  If you just want to relax and watch wildlife, our photos are available for purchase later.  We will combine game drives and bush walks so that you can become part of the pace of the bush and experience the romance of Africa as though in by-gone days.

 Our camp is staffed by people from the local villages, some of whom have worked here for over 20 years. They are proud of the quality, personal experience they bring to you. Most of our supplies and services are purchased from local businesses. We also support the local children at the Thorndale Creche. If  you would like to visit the local communities between game drives, we can arrange tours with advance notice.